Diamond Version = alva noto + Byetone (raster-noton / Mute Records)

May 24 2014, The Button Factory

Electric Underground and !Kaboogie present
Diamond Version = alva noto + Byetone (raster-noton / Mute Records)
Full A/V Show :
@The Button Factory

!Kaboogie - 8th Birthday Gig

February 14 2014, Twisted Pepper, Abbey St., Dublin 1.

!Kaboogie - 8th Birthday Gig
*YOUNG FATHERS (big dada / anticon).
*JAM CITY (night slugs).

Emptyset at the !Kaboogie 7th birthday party

February 15 2013, The Twisted Pepper, Middle Abbey St, Dublin 1

!Kaboogie are delighted to announce that Emptyset are bringing their music and AV show to our seventh birthday party.

!Kaboogie presents: Diamond Version = alva noto + Byetone (raster-noton / Mute Records), May 24 2014, The Button Factory, Dublin Ireland !Kaboogie presents: !Kaboogie - 8th Birthday Gig, February 14 2014, Twisted Pepper, Abbey St., Dublin 1. , Dublin Ireland !Kaboogie presents: Emptyset at the !Kaboogie 7th birthday party, February 15 2013, The Twisted Pepper, Middle Abbey St, Dublin 1, Dublin Ireland

Latest Tunes

richie’s xmas selection box MIX

richie’s xmas selection box MIX

Richie !Kaboogie

!Kaboogie Xmas Selection Box - my favourite festive tunes…

!K-MIX28 - DYNZER - Booty! Booty!


A one hour mix of nasty bootybass ghetto jams.
Serious dancefloor party bizniz.

!Kaboogie Mix 27 - DELETIA


DELETIA can be found blashtin out the mad beats anywhere he can find a dark room with nice speakers and friendly dancers. The slowly reawakening city of Galway, where a crew is always on alert for a ruckus, has proved a perfect training ground for this young lad.

!K-MIX26 REDMONK - Snake Eyes


Redmonk’s been playing a lot of beats of late, “from smoked-up bliss to them of the more manky variety. Few heads rapping too.” Tracks from the likes of Lakker, Paul White and Lorn. Artwork by Redmonk. Zip file includes tracklist, artwork and mouth-watering 320K MP3 badman-ness.


New Podcast Series : !Kaboogie Feature

New Podcast Series

Tonight on Raidio Na Life 106.4, as part of our seventh birthday celebrations, the first recording of a new series of podcasts featuring Irish producers and DJs. Beginning with a DJ set from !Kaboogie resident Eomac. The podcasts will be available here, PCP’s blog and iTunes. Tune in live tonight or listen here at 10.30 to hear the recording. Stay tuned next week for more information on upcoming guests, podcast links and more.

Bassmusicblog Interviews

The always on point Bassmusicblog did a recent feature on the Dublin scene, including interviews with our very own Eomac and A-Force, and an exclusive mix by Eomac. Interview and mix download links inside.

Elijah & Skiliam Interview

Badman selectors Elijah and Skiliam will be hitting Dublin tomorrow night, May 28, in the Twisted Pepper for what promises to be some prime time grime properness. They've kindly taken the time to answer a few questions from Richie !K, plus there's a few tasty links there too for those of you who mightn't be familiar with them - good introduction!


!Kaboogie stat!k is a new series of gigs we'll be putting on. The gigs will focus on new experimental music and related audio visual performance. The idea is to explore the intersection of noise, sound art and experimental composition with beats and club music.

Stat!k will be a place to examine new  visual styles and processes. These include; the new aesthetic, audio reactive and generative software process, visual programming languages, projection mapping, video synthesis, data visualisation, processed dance,  high res open source video etc.

We plan to do this in the context of what we do best, providing fun spaces for an open minded crowd to enjoy hard and cutting edge sounds in a club.

We also hope to  link up with international scenes, labels and festivals in this area.

For an idea of the artists we will be hosting and working with look to the rosters of; Raster Noton, important,  PAN , Blackest ever Black, Digitalis, Hospital Productions. 3BY3.  We will also be taking inspiration from festivals like Unsound(po), Supersonic (uk), Ars Electronica(de) , Transmediale(de), Hunters Moon (ire) etc.