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!Kaboogie presents: Drizzle Crackle Sizzle (dancehall mixxx), Richie! Kaboogie

Drizzle Crackle Sizzle (dancehall mixxx)

Richie !kaboogie’s hot selection of dancehall fiyah.. ~80s stylee!

!Kaboogie presents: richie’s xmas selection box MIX, Richie !Kaboogie

richie’s xmas selection box MIX

!Kaboogie Xmas Selection Box - my favourite festive tunes…

!Kaboogie presents: !K-MIX28 - DYNZER - Booty! Booty!, Dynzer

!K-MIX28 - DYNZER - Booty! Booty!

A one hour mix of nasty bootybass ghetto jams.
Serious dancefloor party bizniz.

!Kaboogie presents: !Kaboogie Mix 27 - DELETIA, Deletia

!Kaboogie Mix 27 - DELETIA

DELETIA can be found blashtin out the mad beats anywhere he can find a dark room with nice speakers and friendly dancers. The slowly reawakening city of Galway, where a crew is always on alert for a ruckus, has proved a perfect training ground for this young lad.

!Kaboogie presents: !K-MIX26 REDMONK - Snake Eyes, Redmonk

!K-MIX26 REDMONK - Snake Eyes

Redmonk’s been playing a lot of beats of late, “from smoked-up bliss to them of the more manky variety. Few heads rapping too.” Tracks from the likes of Lakker, Paul White and Lorn. Artwork by Redmonk. Zip file includes tracklist, artwork and mouth-watering 320K MP3 badman-ness.

!Kaboogie presents: !K-MIX25 - REPLETE - Night Time Vibes, Replete

!K-MIX25 - REPLETE - Night Time Vibes

REPLETE is the pseudonym of Cork based producer Peter Lawlor. He’s put together a mix of his favourite tunes from the last year as well as other bits and pieces from years gone by.

!Kaboogie presents: Ms Dynamite - Danger (richie !kaboogie 2012 refix), Ms Dynamite - Danger (richie kaboogie 2012 refix)

Ms Dynamite - Danger (richie !kaboogie 2012 refix)

Ms Dynamite - Danger (richie !kaboogie 2012 refix)

!Kaboogie presents: !K-MIX24 - !Kaboogie Megamix, Lion of the Ghetto

!K-MIX24 - !Kaboogie Megamix

We are delighted to bring you this massive mix from LION OF THE GHETTO.
Keep an eye and an ear on this lad. With instrumentation, improvisation and vandalism by Lion of the Ghetto.

!Kaboogie presents: !K-MIX23 - LRD JXN - ‘Mixy Mix Mixtape’, LRD JXN

!K-MIX23 - LRD JXN - ‘Mixy Mix Mixtape’

To celebrate the forthcoming release of LRD JXN’s debut EP on !Kaboogie, we got him to do a mix for our mix series and he delivered this cracker. Low slung electronic funk and hip-hop from the likes of Samiyam, J Dilla, Two Fingers, and loads more.

!Kaboogie presents: PCPRaidio: Smeary Sméar, DJ PCP / Sixfoot Apprentice

PCPRaidio: Smeary Sméar

A show from a couple of weeks ago.  The Deviant ep is the most important Irish electronic/dance record ever. The first reason it is so important is that is very good. The second reason is that it is Irish dance music that sounds Irish. To Irish underground music ears this is usually a bad thing. It’s associated with the usual clichéd high kicking , wooly jumpered folk images and more recent cringers; Cotton eyed Joe, Bewitched , Afro Celtic sound system, bad trad mash up amongst others….

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