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!Kaboogie presents: !K-MIX 20: Bruce  - ThEOn Mx, Bruce

!K-MIX 20: Bruce - ThEOn Mx

Dublin’s very own Bruce Moran brings an eclectic mix of tasty beats for the 20th installment of the !K-Mix series, that takes in grime, electro, old school hardcore and some current bass music all wrapped up with a bit of Autechre loveliness. Nice.

!Kaboogie presents: An Dord Is Mó  19-05-10, Redmonk

An Dord Is Mó  19-05-10

Had great fun doing the show this week. Fairly pacey intro, all B-More Club and future 2-Step biz. Remember that Wayne & Wax version of ‘Big Pimpin’’ I played two weeks ago? Well, Rico Tubbs just did a new version of it, which is perfect for getting the place a-skanking. Picked up some 8bitch stuff this week too, as well as heaps of stuff from Germany’s ABC crew (no relation to Alphabet Set mind!). Fairly smokey beats for the latter half of this show, with a few ‘not-the-usual-stuff-i-play’ moments from the likes of Scurvy Lass, plus a track from Yannis Kyriakides & Andy Moor, who have an album out now which you should check out.

!Kaboogie presents: An Dord Is Mó  5-05-10, Redmonk

An Dord Is Mó  5-05-10

Ok, so here we go. Moombahton, Afrobeat, Mutant Soca, North African BIZNIZ, Mashups, Dubstep, Grime, Squelchcore, Hip Shake & Rumbletronics. In that order. Check all that forthcoming !Kaboogie action, the new sampler is on the way. Very, very soon.

!Kaboogie presents: !K-MIX19 - SUBVERSUS - ‘Break The Banks’, Subversus

!K-MIX19 - SUBVERSUS - ‘Break The Banks’

After hearing their storming set at !Kaboogie’s !K Club recently, we had to ask the SUBVERSUS lads (Shatterfreak and Welfare) to give us a mix of them doing their thing for our Mix Series. They gave us this, the ‘Break The Banks’ mix.  Enjoy.

!Kaboogie presents: An Dord Is Mó  21-04-10, Redmonk

An Dord Is Mó  21-04-10

Armour plated, caterpillar tracked shell with a squidgey, wonky centre. I think it was called “Mista Tuff Gooo”, a late 90s contender for sweet of the decade. Unfortunately it never really took off, in fact it flopped terribly, but ye gotta hand it to them for trying. Before I fall over the edge of metaphor plateau, I might as well dedicate this week’s show to aforementioned sweet, cos that was the buzz this week wadintit? Some breaks and dancehall biz kicking it off, a dash of wonky beats, some 2steppy grime stuff, ravey up 4/4, as well as some tasters from the new !Kaboogie sampler from Bluefood, A-Force, 2bit and Euphiophone, plus mega fun times music from the likes of T-Polar, Herv and Eomac. Dig in like war was fun.

!Kaboogie presents: Redmonk - Bye Bye Babylon, Redmonk

Redmonk - Bye Bye Babylon

This was recorded exclusively for 2FM’s Late Night Sessions a few months back, decided it was about time to put it up for the download. Pretty hefty selection of ravey gravy bizniz here, piles of the homegrown material and some tasty dubs/forthcoming tunes lashed in there too.

DISCLAIMER: If you are finding yr face is scrunching up as you listen to this and you’re thrusting your crotch around the room in sync to yr shoulder shake movements, then it’s probably working.

!Kaboogie presents: !K-MIX18: Enno  - Sit On My Bass, Enno

!K-MIX18: Enno - Sit On My Bass

Playing his !Kaboogie debut at the !K Club on December 10, 2009, the man like Enno is back, serving up a fat slice of dubstep cake, if cake was the sort of thing to make your eyeballs shake and inner bits quiver.

!Kaboogie presents: All Irish Promo Mixes, Eomac

All Irish Promo Mixes

“...This one is dedicated to my comrades-in-riddim from this beautiful isle of ours. A promo mix of what the Irish beat community has to offer at the moment. This only tips the iceberg. There may be a follow up mix to this shortly with stuff I didn’t have time to include or didn’t work in this mix.

I tried to vary it up style-wise and vary between unreleased and released material, and between tracks from different artists and labels to give a good overview of what’s happening here at the moment…”

Hope you enjoy….

!Kaboogie presents: !K-MIX17: NOB - To Do, NOB

!K-MIX17: NOB - To Do

Normally to be found with a camera in his hand, Dublin-based artist NOB delivers us his first ever mix. A lush mix of soundscapes and glitched-up beats, this is the perfect soundtrack for early mornings. So wrap in the aural blanket that is !K-MIX17, or alternatively, squish it up in yr hands and stuff it into yr ears. Lovely.

!Kaboogie presents: Live at !Kaboogie - Squire of Gothos, Squire of Gothos

Live at !Kaboogie - Squire of Gothos

This was the Irish debut of UK bassline rave-steppers THE SQUIRE OF GOTHOS!
Live set recorded January 29 2010, The Cavern - Isaac Butts, Dublin.

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