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The !Kaboogie EP Series: A new section of the site showcasing quality EP's of tracks by !Kaboogie-endorsed acts, whether local Irish acts or heads from further afield. First up is Teishi-1. Coming next, Taper Jinx. Watch this space for more bass talent on the way.

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!Kaboogie presents: !K-EP02 TAPER JINX - APNEA EP, Taper Jinx


The Apnea Ep is a departure from his more sample based, breaks style  evident in his previous Ep and live sets, but instead it delivers a mix of big beat soundscapes and subtle melodies.

!Kaboogie presents: !K-EP01 - TEISHI-1 - 22 EP, Teishi-1

!K-EP01 - TEISHI-1 - 22 EP

The ‘22 EP’ is a collection of tracks that Teishi-1 wrote back in the days of the Pad-1 moniker. These were written when he first started playing around with electronic beatmaking, and in a time of transition through listening heavily to the techno sounds from Detroit and Berlin, and leaning to more experimental sounds showcased by the likes of Warp and Leaf Records.

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