Audio - !K Mash Series

!Kaboogie mash series project posted simultaneously on our website and on the homoludo blog.

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!Kaboogie presents: T-polar - is you being served?, T-polar

T-polar - is you being served?

Mash of the week 26#
Great, fun and original stuff from T-polar this budget week. With a timely cash register laden mash/remix of the theme from are you being served.

!Kaboogie presents: Fog - Cast No Shadow (Moonlight Mix), Fog - Cast No Shadow (Moonlight Mix)

Fog - Cast No Shadow (Moonlight Mix)

Mash of the week #25

Mashup of DJ Shadow’s ‘Stem’ with some of Fog’s own beats

!Kaboogie presents: Osh in Red, 16hrtz  and Oshroom

Osh in Red

Mash of the Week #24

A mash of Sandsnake by Skream and Cluekid and Chris’ master work. 16hrtz and Oshroom are Irish producers who get the genius of Chris and understanding his Argentinian links, they gives him a beats and bass mash/update worthy of Cumbia’s best rich kid exploiters scenters while avoiding the risks of exploitation associated with working with such delicate and great material .

!Kaboogie presents: A Killers Arms, Eomac

A Killers Arms

Mash of the week #23

Eomac’s mash of Nosaj Thing - ‘Coat of Arms’ and Bounty Killer - ‘Murderer’.

!Kaboogie presents: Oh Superman it is so Simply Plastic Star Sora, Solen

Oh Superman it is so Simply Plastic Star Sora

Mash of the Week #22

This week’s mash comes from Solen who had my favourite Irish record of last year-Block/Lord.  It’s classy stuff and you can tell they’ve been in Berlin over the summer.

It’s a mash of Laurie Anderson’s Superman(one of my fav tunes to mash) and Donnacha Costello/Byetone/AlvaNoto

!Kaboogie presents: Still Fame, Pastamasta

Still Fame

Mash of the Week #21

Pastamasta’s mash/re edit of David Bowie ‘Fame’ and James Brown’s ‘Hot (I Need To Be Loved, Loved, Loved, Loved) with vox from Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg ‘Still Dre’

!Kaboogie presents: Fighter Finess, Teishi-1

Fighter Finess

Mash of the Week #20

Teishi-1’s mash of the Prodigy’s Fighter Beat from their lost beats ep with Lord Finess’ vocal from the old school classic Check The Method.

!Kaboogie presents: Ted’s Bibiolon Boy, Lakker

Ted’s Bibiolon Boy

Mash of the Week # 19

Being Lakker’s mash of Clark’s -Ted Vs. Baby Cham’s-Babylon Bwoy Vs. Clark’s-Ted (Bibio Remix)

Like an icecream cone with sand in it -a gritty mix of the rough, the smooth and the sweet from Lakker who has a track on the upcoming !Kaboogie ep.

!Kaboogie presents: Gutterspliff, The Banker


Mash of the Week #18

GutterSpliff - being The Bankers mash

!Kaboogie presents: Daft Diana, 2bit

Daft Diana

Mash of the Week #17

2Bit’s mash of the Dianna Ross’s Upside down(written and produced by Chic’s original blingers Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards) and Daft punk’s Da Funk.

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