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!Kaboogie presents: richie’s xmas selection box MIX, Richie !Kaboogie

richie’s xmas selection box MIX

!Kaboogie Xmas Selection Box - my favourite festive tunes…

!Kaboogie presents: Redmonk - Bye Bye Babylon, Redmonk

Redmonk - Bye Bye Babylon

This was recorded exclusively for 2FM’s Late Night Sessions a few months back, decided it was about time to put it up for the download. Pretty hefty selection of ravey gravy bizniz here, piles of the homegrown material and some tasty dubs/forthcoming tunes lashed in there too.

DISCLAIMER: If you are finding yr face is scrunching up as you listen to this and you’re thrusting your crotch around the room in sync to yr shoulder shake movements, then it’s probably working.

!Kaboogie presents: All Irish Promo Mixes, Eomac

All Irish Promo Mixes

“...This one is dedicated to my comrades-in-riddim from this beautiful isle of ours. A promo mix of what the Irish beat community has to offer at the moment. This only tips the iceberg. There may be a follow up mix to this shortly with stuff I didn’t have time to include or didn’t work in this mix.

I tried to vary it up style-wise and vary between unreleased and released material, and between tracks from different artists and labels to give a good overview of what’s happening here at the moment…”

Hope you enjoy….

!Kaboogie presents: Irish dubs n kaboogie tings mix February 09, Richie !K

Irish dubs n kaboogie tings mix February 09

Richie kaboogie - irish dubs n kaboogie tings mix February 09. (for the breakonimics show on RTE Pulse).  This should have been up ages ago - ah well….

!Kaboogie presents: Thatboytim !Kaboogie stylee, Thatboytim

Thatboytim !Kaboogie stylee

Thatboytim !Kaboogie stylee

!Kaboogie presents: Killer Circle Mix, DJ PCP

Killer Circle Mix

This mix is from PCP’s radio show - “PCP ina ShuĂ­” , you can catch it on Radio na Life on Sat evenings.

!Kaboogie presents: Life After Debt (Recession Riddims), Notoriously Gorgeous

Life After Debt (Recession Riddims)

NG - Life After Debt (Recession Riddims)

Straight outta Leixlip, in a whirlwind of bling, sleaze and bass comes Notoriously Gorgeous, the man who puts the K in !Kaboogie. His sets and mixes have been described as being “about as dubstep as you can possibly get”. And with this, his first !Kaboogie mix, he bombards us with fat bass, reggae vocals, sharp synths, 2-step, and the crunchiest riddims you can afford in a recession! But this sound ain’t no Tesco value ting, this is Finest for sure!

!Kaboogie presents: !Wocoobie, T-woc


a mix of pysch freakout electronic hiphop and other stuff

!Kaboogie presents: Ed Devane’s Kaboogie Mix March 08, Ed Devane

Ed Devane’s Kaboogie Mix March 08

Ed Devane’s mission-statement is to create the kind of music that invokes “paranoia, fear and claustrophobia in the listener”.


!Kaboogie presents: Point B !Kaboogie Mix, Point B

Point B !Kaboogie Mix

Point B is the creation of Merseyside born Richard Bultitude. Since the days of his experimental four track recordings Richard has come a long way, both musically and geographically. Now residing in London, Richard has a large range of electronic and semi acoustic music for commercial release and broadcast.

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