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!Kaboogie's weekly radio show, An Dord Is Mó, has been running since February 2007 on Raidió na Life 106.4FM. Previous guests including Aaron Spectre, MRK1 and Point B. It's evolved over time into way more of a mash up show, playing all sorts of stuff, but the most noticeable difference is the amount of homegrown dubs that are getting played each week. Sure, there's more and more stuff being sent in, but the quality is really up there with the best of them now. Hats off to all the producers and mashers out there, keep it goin!

You can catch Redmonk and Richie !K each week, midnight on Wednesday till 01:30, with the repeat being 03:00-04:30 on Sunday morning, perfect for those post-club hours!

DJ PCP and Sixfoot Apprentice's Radio Show - more info on

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!Kaboogie presents: PCPRaidio: Smeary Sméar, DJ PCP / Sixfoot Apprentice

PCPRaidio: Smeary Sméar

A show from a couple of weeks ago.  The Deviant ep is the most important Irish electronic/dance record ever. The first reason it is so important is that is very good. The second reason is that it is Irish dance music that sounds Irish. To Irish underground music ears this is usually a bad thing. It’s associated with the usual clichéd high kicking , wooly jumpered folk images and more recent cringers; Cotton eyed Joe, Bewitched , Afro Celtic sound system, bad trad mash up amongst others….

!Kaboogie presents: PCPRaidio Noid the Droid 3.0, DJ PCP / Noid the Droid

PCPRaidio Noid the Droid 3.0

“As the world travels on down the skull road, Noid the Droid joins me for some darkswing moves.”

!Kaboogie presents: PCP Raidio - Another City, DJ PCP / Sixfoot Apprentice

PCP Raidio - Another City

“This weeks show, Sixfoot Aprentince and I.  My set starting of with a sample about being Irish at the moment , into dark dub house into house into swung techno and funky.”

!Kaboogie presents: PCPRaidio Intensified Brain Melt, DJ PCP / Sixfoot Apprentice

PCPRaidio Intensified Brain Melt

This weeks show starting off with Aul Wan’s grim tale of penury and loneliness which suits what’s going on in Ireland this week. Other Irish tunes in my bits include tropical drum and bass from Welfare, top Irish electro from Negatron , Speed and Acid munching experimental techno anthem Brain Your Melt from Ed Devane amongst others. Sixfoot’s set includes mad Italians Adriano Celentan making up what sounds like English to them, Exillon’s remix of Cat Power doing Moonshiner and J Dilla getting all ‘Now that’s what I call music’ with his versioning of the ‘Safety Dance’.

!Kaboogie presents: PCPRaidio Your name Here, DJ PCP / Sixfoot Apprentice

PCPRaidio Your name Here

Sixfoot apprentice starts off the show with a great Irish led mash up set including; Manus Goan’s excellent ‘Party and Bullshit’ the pretty ‘Shook’ from Emancipator, which using a Sigur rós sample could be too sweet , but saves itself with a great acapella , a Pixies journey, the nasty and amazing ‘Twisted’ from Scary Eire which I had forgotten about and haven’t heard since in came out about. My set follows and doesn’t know if it’s mash up or linear beats.

!Kaboogie presents: Aistear Dub Radio 21-10-10, Andy A-force

Aistear Dub Radio 21-10-10

Day: Friday
Repeat:Monday @ 3:00am
Presenters: A-Force & eomac
Type Of Show: dub/2-step/funky/wonk/reggae

!Kaboogie presents: Aistear Dub Radio 07-10-10,

Aistear Dub Radio 07-10-10

radio 071010
Eomac on the selection..

Day: Friday
Time: 1.00am
Repeat: Monday @ 3:00am
Presenters: A-Force & eomac
Type Of Show: dub/2-step/funky/wonk/reggae

!Kaboogie presents: An Dord Is Mó  19-05-10, Redmonk

An Dord Is Mó  19-05-10

Had great fun doing the show this week. Fairly pacey intro, all B-More Club and future 2-Step biz. Remember that Wayne & Wax version of ‘Big Pimpin’’ I played two weeks ago? Well, Rico Tubbs just did a new version of it, which is perfect for getting the place a-skanking. Picked up some 8bitch stuff this week too, as well as heaps of stuff from Germany’s ABC crew (no relation to Alphabet Set mind!). Fairly smokey beats for the latter half of this show, with a few ‘not-the-usual-stuff-i-play’ moments from the likes of Scurvy Lass, plus a track from Yannis Kyriakides & Andy Moor, who have an album out now which you should check out.

!Kaboogie presents: An Dord Is Mó  5-05-10, Redmonk

An Dord Is Mó  5-05-10

Ok, so here we go. Moombahton, Afrobeat, Mutant Soca, North African BIZNIZ, Mashups, Dubstep, Grime, Squelchcore, Hip Shake & Rumbletronics. In that order. Check all that forthcoming !Kaboogie action, the new sampler is on the way. Very, very soon.

!Kaboogie presents: An Dord Is Mó  21-04-10, Redmonk

An Dord Is Mó  21-04-10

Armour plated, caterpillar tracked shell with a squidgey, wonky centre. I think it was called “Mista Tuff Gooo”, a late 90s contender for sweet of the decade. Unfortunately it never really took off, in fact it flopped terribly, but ye gotta hand it to them for trying. Before I fall over the edge of metaphor plateau, I might as well dedicate this week’s show to aforementioned sweet, cos that was the buzz this week wadintit? Some breaks and dancehall biz kicking it off, a dash of wonky beats, some 2steppy grime stuff, ravey up 4/4, as well as some tasters from the new !Kaboogie sampler from Bluefood, A-Force, 2bit and Euphiophone, plus mega fun times music from the likes of T-Polar, Herv and Eomac. Dig in like war was fun.

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