!K-MIX28 - DYNZER - Booty! Booty!

!K-MIX28 - DYNZER - Booty! Booty!


Listen/Download: !K-MIX28 - DYNZER - Booty! Booty!

A one hour mix of nasty bootybass ghetto jams.
Serious dancefloor party bizniz.

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1. Typhonic- Walking on air
2. Cobra Krames- Stick em
3. Streets Of Rage- Drop like this
4. Dont want (party mix)
5. Dj Hilti- all night madness
6. Dj Rashad- shake bounce drop
7. Dj Rashad- Ride this dick
8. Dj Slugo- Godzilla
9. Dj Knockout- Go huh(knockout juke remix)
10. Leatherface- jigglin
11. Thunderbird juicbox- let me hit it
12. Memphis black & Smockahontis- Hoe time
13. Arent Raxell- Blackberry
14. Typhonic- Call of the Booty
15. Destinys child- jumpin jumpin(benaqua remix)
16. Kesmo- Tadow
17. Dj Nehphets- 6 foot 7 foot
18. Watup Bitch (Ohsnap trap)
19. Dirty k- Get your freak on
20. James nasty- wher all the freaks at
21. Justice- let there be light(dj funk remix)
22. Kesmo- get down on the ground
23. Prime slime- bob
24. Thunderbird juicebox- Droppin feathers
25. Marvy da pimp- Megamix
26. The Whistle song (Chris Anthony mix)
27. James Nasty- back it up
28. Dj Dion- 1, 2 step
29. One son- Hey What
30. Dj Slugo- Give it to me Daddy
31. James Nasty- My Body
32. Prince- Would die for you (Kadillac Remix)
33. Dj Flawlez- The perfect beat


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