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New Podcast Series

New Podcast Series : !Kaboogie Feature

Tonight on Raidio Na Life 106.4, as part of our seventh birthday celebrations, the first recording of a new series of podcasts featuring Irish producers and DJs. Beginning with a DJ set from !Kaboogie resident Eomac. The podcasts will be available here, PCP’s blog and iTunes. Tune in live tonight or listen here at 10.30 to hear the recording. Stay tuned next week for more information on upcoming guests, podcast links and more.


Bassmusicblog Interviews

Bassmusicblog Interviews : !Kaboogie Feature

The always on point Bassmusicblog did a recent feature on the Dublin scene, including interviews with our very own Eomac and A-Force, and an exclusive mix by Eomac. Interview and mix download links inside.


Elijah & Skiliam Interview

Elijah & Skiliam Interview : !Kaboogie Feature

Badman selectors Elijah and Skiliam will be hitting Dublin tomorrow night, May 28, in the Twisted Pepper for what promises to be some prime time grime properness. They've kindly taken the time to answer a few questions from Richie !K, plus there's a few tasty links there too for those of you who mightn't be familiar with them - good introduction!


All City

All City : !Kaboogie Feature

For the last ten years, All City Records has been a bastion of hip hop in Dublin. Records, spray-paint, a music label, as well as the latest addition of a street art gallery downstairs, has seen All City turn into a one-stop-shop for those into hip-hop culture. The success of last years '7 X 7 BEAT' series, which featured the likes of Mike Slott, Hudson Mohawke and Onra, looks set to be followed by the LA 10 X 10 Series, highlighting the talents of a bunch of LA producers, with the first release featuring Dibiase and P.U.D.G.E. All City head honcho Olan took the time out to answer a few of our questions.


SSTN interview

SSTN interview : !Kaboogie Feature

SSTN has been highlighting the diverse and exciting talents of Dublin, and Ireland as a whole, through it's free monthly gigs and excellent blog. Each gig is an audio-visual feast, and has featured the likes of Gland & Conduit, Cárthach Ó Nuanáin, Fran Hartnett, Vince Mack Mahon, PushMoveClick and Scurvy Lass. Barely a year old, these guys have been pushing Irish electronic music forward big time. We sat them down, took off their shoes and started quizzing them. Answers popped up as the footrubs progressed.


!Kaboogie Records

!Kaboogie Records : !Kaboogie Feature

Although !Kaboogie had initially been born out of a need to have nights that were both fun and bass-heavy, the idea of starting a record label had been discussed since the very beginning. The desire to put out vinyl records ran hand in hand with that of creating artifacts to help document and capture the insane buzz that's been happening at the !Kaboogie parties the last few years.


Ed Devane

Ed Devane : !Kaboogie Feature

Ed Devane's mission-statement is to create the kind of music that invokes "paranoia, fear and claustrophobia in the listener". Hurrah!


Point B

Point B : !Kaboogie Feature

London's Point B is our latest featured artist. Point B is the creation of Merseyside born Richard Bultitude. Since the days of his experimental four track recordings Richard has come a long way, both musically and geographically. Now residing in London, Richard has a large range of electronic and semi acoustic music for commercial release and broadcast.



Thatboytim : !Kaboogie Feature

Thatboytim's love affair with beats kicked off when Chicago and Detroit were ruling the show, leading to his exploration of the sounds of UR and Drexciya. By 2000, Tim was running his own parties, including the "No Way Back" nights, a firm statement of electro-funk in the face of the countless dire house nights in Belfast at the time.



KVLR : !Kaboogie Feature

Big up Kev Largey for a savage piece of art for our label fundraiser CDs. KVLR is a Belfast-based artist also works as a freelance illustrator, animator and graphic designer. Those of you who were down at our label fundraiser would have seen one of his pieces gradually deconstruct over the night as everyone picked up their sampler CDs


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