Elijah & Skiliam Interview

Badman selectors Elijah and Skiliam will be hitting Dublin tomorrow night, May 28, in the Twisted Pepper for what promises to be some prime time grime properness. They've kindly taken the time to answer a few questions from Richie !K, plus there's a few tasty links there too for those of you who mightn't be familiar with them - good introduction!

Elijah & Skiliam Interview

Richie !K: So how did you get into tunes and then what motivated you to start DJing?

Elijah: I have been a silent listener to pirate radio all my life and felt
I could contribute something to the scene by DJing differently to
everyone else, focusing more on instrumentals then vocal stuff. I was
blogging at the time, so I had a small reputation already as a
tastemaker so it all began there in 2008 for me.

Skiliam: I got started when I was in school around 2002 DJing for MCs. From
then on the passion for the music and mixing kept growing.
I remember hearing Mak 10 playing an Instrumental and just wanting it.
I found an excitement in going to the record shops to find some new
music to play on radio to keep the show moving. So that’s where it all

R: Leading on from that, how did you get involved with Rinse?

E: At the time they were looking for 100% Grime shows, everyone was kind
of dipping into Funky and Dubstep at the time (and still are) and we
did a pilot show on Saturday night, and the rest is history. That was
in November 2008, come a long way since then.

R: What’s the buzz tune-wise and genre-wise in London now and is the scene fun?

E: Tune wise, generally Doctor P - Sweet Shop and Next Hype still get
the biggest reactions. Genre wise, I don’t even know anymore. Everyone’s
confused! More people are open to a bit of everything than they were
say 2 years ago.

S: Also Swerve and D Double E’s latest tune Street Fighter has most
definitely created a buzz.

R: Hot tips for summer tunes? Artists to watch out for?

S: At the moment Newham Generals are just firing, they are by far our
favourites. Producers - everyone we play regularly has got more up their

R: Whats the plans for the label for the rest of 2010?

E: Pressing plants are seriously long for the small guys like us, but we
just have to work with it. We have ‘Air Bubble Remixes’
Swindle/Starkey/Royal T/Teeza coming on clear vinyl and stuff coming
from DOK, Swindle, SRC, Mr Mitch and more. So while I am waiting for
records to come back, I’m writing a book (seriously) and it is shaping
up well so far.

R: Any summer holidays planned?

S: We have a party off Sonar with Numbers next month in Barcelona - All
info there - http://bit.ly/9vcJxg  and that will be massive, apart
from that we will just be out and about DJing wherever our emails tell
us to go!

A few tasty mixes from the pair:


And this video

AND their latest Rinse FM show, which you should be listening to on a regular basis!!!

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