LRD JXN - Wuja Wuja Wah EP

LRD JXN - Wuja Wuja Wah EP

!Kaboogie Records - KBG005 - LRD JXN - 'Wuja Wuja Wah EP'. Debut EP from new !K signing, LRD JXN. Six tracks of synthy, wonky, electronic beats.

Artist: LRD JXN
Title: Wuja Wuja Wah EP
Cat No.: KBG005
Format: Digital

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1. Geisha
2. Ginger Slaps (LRD JXN RMX)
3. Komptax
4. Portimental Sleep Therapy
5. Strobe Light Lovely (LRD JXN RMX)

(Track 2 original song ‘Ginger Slap’s’ by AL_PD.)
(Track 5 original song ‘Strobe Light Lovely’ by UNDA.)

Release Date: September 12th

Audio Clips:

1: Geisha
2: Ginger Slaps (LRD JXN RMX)
3: Komptax
4: Portimental Sleep Therapy
5: Strobe Light Lovely (LRD JXN RMX)


This the debut EP from Wellington (NZ) based producer LRD JXN. Six tracks of wonky, bright, electronic funk drawing influences form a wide range of music - from the LA beat scene, to the purple sounds coming out of Bristol, to the futuristic soul and R’n'B of producers like Hudson Mohawke and Rustie. All of these strands are brought together with a connoisseur’s ear and years of experience to produce a style and sound that is all JXN. Check out the clips above. Digital available from all good stores Sept 12th, 2011.


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